2 Bedroom Duplex in Abuja Built with Containers Go Viral, Check Out Photos of Its Fine Interior

2 Bedroom Duplex in Abuja Built with Containers Go Viral, Check Out Photos of Its Fine Interior

A Nigerian man identified as Brian Dennis has shown off a fine two bedroom house situated in Kado, Abuja that was built with containers.

Brian said that it took just two months to build and costs less when compared to houses constructed with bricks.

He added that Abuja residents who would settle for container houses can relocate to any location with their abode, unlike brick houses.

Sharing pictures of the container on Facebook, Brian wrote:

“Dear Abuja people.

“This is a 2 bedroom duplex built with containers in Kado.

“It took only 2 months to build and cost way less than it would cost to build with brick and mortar.

“Make we reason am.

“Edit – If you’re moving out of Abuja, you can move your house and sell the land.”

Social media reactions

Amb Okike Daniel Chinazam said:

“The cold in that house will be much during harmattan and the heard will be much during heat period. During raining season, the sound of rain will be much as well.

“The living condition won’t be so good.”

Samuel Apiafi said:

“1 of that container cost 8hk, it’s a good idea, but lead people showing them what’s on the table. Like where they can purchase a container. how to move it from point A to point B, fabricators charge and how long it will last. Can it last 30years? If no, build your small brick house once and get the things u need to make it a heaven.”

Ma R Tin said:

“Can you help me know the full expenses .

“Omoh it’s beautiful and worth giving a trial.”

Victor John said:

“We use lot of containers as offices back in shell.

“It’s only when you step out you’ll realize it’s a container.

“The interior so beautiful fitted with AC , Internet , swivel chairs , computers.

“Even at onshore locations in bayelsa. So beautifully made for staff to sleep.”

Source: Legit.ng

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