Check out this $1 Million Custom Motorbike with a Rolls-Royce plane engine

Check out this $1 Million Custom Motorbike with a Rolls-Royce plane engine

This custom motorbike is unlike anything you’ve seen before. There have been several inventions of motorbikes, but this particular one is unusual.

That’s also what the designer, Tarso Marques, an F1 driver, pointed out. He said he wanted to create something custom, unlike anything that’s ever been done.

Well, he achieved that. Because does this bike look like a regular motorbike? Certainly not, especially looking at its large-sized tires.

The custom motorbike is powered by a Rolls-Royce aeroplane engine and costs exactly $1 million.

Marques, the F1 driver, designed the bike years back and finally brought it to life this year.

According to him, it took him seven months to build it in his Brazilian studio and “every single detail was a big challenge.”

He says, “everything was created from scratch for it.

“One of the biggest challenges was to do the wheels and tires this size.”

Both the front and rear wheels are a massive 36 inches.

He said it was challenging to make the massive wheels “work well and also look smooth, slick and clean.”

But, he was able to pull it off successfully.

The motorbike doesn’t just look amazing; it’s a beast on the road, reaching up to 250km/h (155 miles).

However, Marques has sold the bike to a buyer in Dubai for $1 million.

He said he would not create another one like it because “we like to keep everything exclusive for the owners.”

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So, there’s only one of this motorbike in the whole world.

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Marques also hinted that he collaborated with an aeroplane engineer to create the motorbike.

Other custom creations the Formula 1 driver has created include car builds, aeroplanes, and yachts. The $1 million motorbike was his first adventure in creating bikes.

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