Funnybros: 6 Things You Need to Know About the Fastest Growing Skit Maker in Nigeria in 2023

6 Things You Need to Know About the Fastest Growing Skit Maker in Nigeria in 2023

Over the last few years, the skit-making and content-creating industry has developed into a very lucrative but highly-competitive enterprise.

However, one young comedian by the name of Funnybros has come through in the skit-making industry in 2022, holding the entire enterprise by its jugular with his unique sense of comedy.

Moyyero, in this article, takes a brief look at some of the growth Funnybros in the comic industry, his background and his biggest influences.

1. Where was Funnybros born, and what is his full name:

Funnybros’ real name is Onwuka Ugochukwu Richard. The fast-rising comedian hails from Anambra state.

However, he was born and raised in Aba, Abia state, in the country’s south-eastern region, where he got his primary and secondary school education.

2. How old is Funnybros, and when was he born?

Funnybros can be regarded as a proper Gen Z; he was born on July 26, 2000. The 22-year, however, didn’t have an easy upbringing as he lost his mum at a very young age and had to learn how to survive without a mother from very early in life.

He once said during an interview that Sabinus is his most significant influence and one of the reasons he became a skit maker.

3. Which university did he attend, and what course did he study?

Onwuka is a student of Physical science at Abia state university. He is a 300-level undergraduate at the southeastern tertiary institution.

Funnybros disclosed during a recent interview that even though he had always been an actor from very early in life, he went into skit-making in 2019 during his 100-level days at Abia state university.

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5. How did he become a Comedian?

Funnybros started his career as an entertainer at a young age, through the church, after joining the theatre and acting group at his parent’s church.

He said while he joined the group as an actor, he later observed that he was a born jester. Onwuka revealed during a chat with Vanguard newspaper that he noticed how he could make people laugh effortlessly because of his speech or his gestures and facial expressions.

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And this was how he gradually and consciously began cultivating his comical disposition.

6. Other talents apart from comedy and his most significant influence?

The young actor is also an accomplished musician who has released multiple records and singles. His discography has songs like Account Number, Oru nakwu ugwo, Odiram Easy ft Yung Daddy, and Enwe Otu Oshi Mee.

He is easily recognisable for his style of carrying a “Ghana must-go bag” and dressing in a village setting. He is famous for popularising the slang “Ikotaram”, which is an essential part of the persona.


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