“No Make Dem Run O”: Mom Dresses Up Like An Old Woman, Goes to Pick Her Kids from School, Kids Reacts

Mom Dresses Up Like An Old Woman, Goes to Pick Her Kids from School, Kids Reacts

A lady, @tinacutielovehas, got many people laughing online when she shared a video of how she transformed herself into an old woman with makeup.

The mother who made her face up and tied headgear to look aged said she wanted to see how they would react.

Mother’s disguise surprises kids

After dressing up, she drove to her kids’ school to pick them up. When her son saw her, he screamed and stepped back.

Her daughter’s reaction was dramatic, as she stood afar off and refused to come close. The girl also covered her mouth in amazement.

Using makeup to change looks

Speaking with a makeup artist, Ngozi, on the significance of makeup to aid disguises, she said it is possible. According to her, cosmetics could change a person’s face with appropriate contours. She said:

“A little powder here and foundation there, a lot could change on a person’s face. The masterly use of eye pencil and liner could even alter a person’s looks. So they could be useful in creating a disguise.”

Watch the video below:



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As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 700 comments with more than 100,000 likes.

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Below are some of the reactions:

Faith Keddy said:

“No body is seeing our girl carrying all the bags. Weldone baby.”

Cutevee said:

“Girl child see her carrying all the bags I swr we deserve all the love on earth.”

Lovergalnickey said:

“If na me I go just walk straight enter car in peace.”

omodano said:

“D girl shock. na her expression big pass.”

Mummae said:

“Abeg no make this children run from house.”

kendraefe3 said:

“The first boy that came out was like are you playing or something.”

Freedah said:

“The first kid was like not today mum.”

joanasio22 said:

“Will try this when I get my own kids.”

Source: Legit.ng

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