“Shay You Dey Whine Me?” Mercy Johnson’s Kids Drag Her, Demand for Baby Brother for Her Son (Video)

Mercy Johnson’s Kids Drag Her, Demand for Baby Brother for Her Son (Video)

After four children, Mercy Johnson is done with anything pregnancy, but her babies think otherwise.

The actress, known for her hilarious TikTok content, shared a video of one she made with her kids.

The three grownup children, Purity, Henry, and Angel, dragged her to the middle and went from begging her to give them another baby brother to arguing.

The actress refused to listen to her children as she told them it would not happen.

The baby of the house, Divine, did not partake in the meeting and just stood away from them, doing her own thing.

“Saturday Night is always fun in this house….. We scatter this house before Oga come back ….Due to popular demand.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions to the video


“It’s the last born minding her business for me.”


“Last born just de do her thing una discussion no just concern her at all una wan spoil her business.”


“Abi brother don enter already.”


“Mama don finally influenced this children we nor con know who funny pass.”


“Divine on low key dey pray to remain lastborn of the house una dey find baby brother.”


“Please just give him a baby bro, you can see the girls are already oppressing him.”


“Nothing concern Divine for that meeting she wan maintain her lastborn position.”

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